76% of employees reported disliking their boss

While this blog is taking things with a grain of reality satire – the numbers still say you probably suck as a boss.

We will help with that. How? See below.

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Nico Gawenda, Chief Wordgoulash Officer

A surprising amount of leaders and managers have an inflated view of their performance.

“The moment you stop questioning yourself,

is the moment you stop being a leader.”

Our mission

Many of the established resources on leadership only describe concepts, rarely provide actionable solutions, which are often outdated, and try to mass appeal.

Having been in transformative, front-line leadership for decades, we provide fresh, applicable, and up-to-date insights without “trying to please everyone.”

We enable you to be a good leader and mentor and achieve better results while having a more productive and still happier team.

Topics we cover

  • Transitioning to a manager role
  • Importance of values
  • Hiring strategies
  • Managing teams and individuals
  • Motivating teams and individuals
  • Handling conflicts and politics
  • Feedback culture and principles
  • Self-improvement
  • Productivity and planning
  • Pressure and time management
  • Innovation and knowledge management
  • Managing change

And heaps more!

Selected workplace experience

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Well, that's embarrassing now.

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